my grandfather (mum’s dad), or lolo was admitted into hospital the day before yesterday. he used to have prostate cancer, in which the cancer was successfully removed…he just had to keep his prostate in shape. and it wasn’t until a few weeks (or maybe months) ago that he started feeling weird. he didn’t feel like eating…and he was being stubborn. now he’s in hospital cause they need to stick a tube in him for dialysis. his kidneys have given out as well. everyone should be glad that mum’s here…she paid for lolo’s hospital room…and is making sure that nothing goes wrong from here.

if it wasn’t for my uncle’s stupidity…perhaps he wouldn’t be this week. long story.

pyro olympics was held last night at the esplanade at the back of mall of asia. it was a good thing that i spent the whole day at the mall being an official at a jiu jitsu tournament held there. i was able to watch the fireworks, and packed with my camera, i was able to take shots.

shots of the night in my next entry.


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