this will be my third attempt to get to anawangin, zambales. an attempt that i know won’t pull through. i won’t be feeling the semi-white sand beaches between my toes, and i won’t be sleeping soundly under the stars this friday night. no, none of these things that i was hoping won’t be happening. i should’ve gone to anawangin with jodo nearly a month ago. when he asked me if i wanted to tag along with him and his brother and his brother’s friends. i didn’t mind it. i was actually happy to just set off and go. the second time…we ended up planning on going to batangas instead. that was fun. now this third time, i’ve got my two friends bianca and karen who are willing to go…we just need a 4th and 5th person, and if possible a ride to get us there. i didn’t realize how hard it was to actually pull people together to go. 5 people and that would’ve been enough. i’ve read about other’s people’s trips to anawangin and it’s driving me nuts. i just wanna go. and i’ll be gone for god knows how many years…and i’m afraid that by the time i do come back and do get to anawangin that the place would just be another tourist-infested spot.

take me to anawangin.


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