Fun in the Sun

Caught on a beach house overlooking a spectacular view of the beach, the mesmerizing clouds and the gusting winds that brought the coolness that we, or rather I, have been looking for ever since summer started…I found myself standing on the beach house deck…with all smiles. Knowing that I’m there with some of the best people that I have ever met in my whole life.

Packed with my Oakley back pack, a borrowed skim board, a DSLR, an underwater GoPro that I had bought just two days before, and a tripod, I was picked up by Klein, a friend of mine, and the reason for this outing (because he was leaving for Dubai on May 7) and we headed off to UST to pick up two other friends, Jerome and Perry. I was sleepy and I wanted to sleep on the journey to Batangas, but I supposed I was just really looking forward to the trip. We finally got to the resort after getting lost…and I must say, it wasn’t what we expected, but I believe it was more than what I bargained for. Look back at my first paragraph…that says it all.

The beach, unfortunately, was very rocky and it was hard to walk on the sand because corals were everywhere. But nevertheless, it didn’t stop us from taking a dip in the sea, even if the waves were getting stronger and stronger. Again, endless pictures were taken. (Photos, coming up soon)

That night, endless playing of games on Perry’s Nintendo DS (thanks to Mama’s Cooking and Wario Wares), guitar playing, it started out as bonding without any alcohol…oh and also thanks to Klein’s Shisha. Late into the night, two more friends came, and a bottle of Gin was bought. Shots were passed around with the little Gin we had, singing, laughing and jokes…Klein going red, I was getting red too…and finally when it was all over, we decided to sleep as to get up early to go swimming. Having just one bottle of Gin was enough for me to sleep soundly, with the waves blasting in my ears. I remember closing my eyes and feeling that I was in Papua New Guinea again, it was bliss.

I woke up to the same sound again…so it wasn’t a dream. I loved it. More swimming, kayaking, bonding, taking of pictures…we had mind-bender games (Thanks Perry!), ate…more pictures…then we had to leave. Sarah and I played treasurers and gathered everyone’s money. Pictures can be found here and here.

But the overnight experience didn’t end there. We drove up to Tagaytay, despite the P100 parking fee, we ate (well I ate too much)…bonded some more, took more pictures…enjoyed the coldness. But then it was time to go. Thanks to the dinner brought to us by Cafe Breton, parking ended up being free. Driving out of the place…Klein’s Light Ace overheated. But despite that, it was an adventure.

We got to Manila…drove to Klein’s house, had to change cars…then went to Starbucks. *ARKI TALK* (I couldn’t relate to it).

More pictures to come when I finally get around to uploading it.


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