Hello WordPress

Well, this is a start, a new beginning. This is just another one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions that I’ve made to create another blog…outside Multiply, Livejournal, Facebook and God knows where else I’ve already written my thoughts. Sometimes I think I’m too open about my life and my thoughts.

So I wanna give this a go. We’ll see how long this blog will last.

A Multiply friend of mine, Marky, actually gave me a link to his blog. And I found it really interesting because he wasn’t just rambling on about anything and everything (the way I usually do)…it was about his Nomadic Experiences. I don’t want to be the one to copy his idea. But then I thought, perhaps if I had a reason to create a new blog, he others would be kept for all other thoughts running through my mind…but this one will be from this date leading up to when I’m in New Zealand. Cause time is running short…and I have lesser days coming up, leading up to when I actually leave this place again and take on a life that’s full of independence.

So yeah, Hello WordPress.

From this days and 2 months from now…that’s my countdown.


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